2018: Living and Working With Intention

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Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.
— Bryant McGill


January 2018. We made it!

I hope the new year started on a good note and you're feeling optimistic about all the good things coming your way.

Like everyone else, I've been reading all the "2017, A year in review" and "resolutions" posts all over the internet. It's interesting to see the goals people set for themselves and how much they've achieved. I've been tempted to write mine, but the things I'm most proud of for 2017 involve other people and I prefer to keep their stories private. 

At the 2017 crossover service, I kept asking myself what I would like to see happen in the new year and what I'll be giving thanks for at the 2018 crossover service.

While resolutions are the norm, I've decided to forgo making those this year for the simple reason that I never keep them. For 2018, I've decided to focus on a central theme. What is the one thing I want for my life in 2018? My theme for the year is THRIVE: in my spiritual life, relationships, work, finances, and health. Not just exist or mark things off my to-do list, but enjoy the journey and flourish.

Thriving for me means:

  • Being consistent and grounded in my faith. (Soul)
  • Practicing gratitude and acknowledging the resources, opportunities and friendships that are available to me and improves my life on a daily basis (Heart)
  • Experiencing joy, happiness, and contentment as I pursue my personal, professional and relational goals (Attitude)
  • Engaging in self care practices that allows me to be my best self at work, in relationships and life (Body and mind)

Every single goal I set in 2018 will be done with these things in mind. That being said, here's an overview of some of my goals:


Become more involved in my church community and be consistent in attending Sunday service, bible study and other related activities. Also be more diligent in observing my personal devotion time. Afterall, without God, all this hustle is for nothing.


It goes without saying that family always comes first. However, friendships also matter. The right relationships can nourish your soul. I have friendships that have fallen along the way side due to a never ending work schedule. I intend to rekindle some of them, possibly find some romance (because why not?), and establish meaningful ties. 

Give Back

The whole purpose of this site is to give back by sharing knowledge and sponsoring professional development opportunities for Nigerian youth. Last year, I sponsored about 25 people, this year, I intend to do more.

I also want to spend more time volunteering with organizations and get involved in community building projects. 


My career in 2017 felt like a fire drill. Pushing from one task to another and trying to meet deadlines and stay afloat. In 2018, I have two main goals:

  • Learning: You are only as good as the skills and competence you bring to the table. This year, I am committing to specific professional development opportunities including taking a certificate course, building a strong and compelling personal brand, and establishing myself as an expert in my field.
  • A promotion: I would like to advance through the ranks and take on more responsibility at work. This means that I have to step up my game and prove that I have what it takes to function in an advanced capacity. 


A huge part of adulting is being financially responsible. It's easy to get caught up in the non stop cycle of paying bills. This year, I'm focused on learning how to invest money and save for retirement. It's never too early to start thinking about these things.  

Health and Recreation

I'm team #fitfam and #selfcare in 2018. In my 30+ years of existence, God has blessed me with good health. I am ashamed to say that I haven't taken the best care of myself. I intend to build better habits that allow for optimum health. Eat right, exercise, get more sleep, incorporative active rest periods into my day, and much more. 

I will also travel and be more adventurous. My new mantra is work hard and play hard. YOLO.

Alright fam, these are just some of the few things on my agenda for the year. Your turn. What is your approach to being your best self in 2018? Let me know in the comment section.