5 Reasons to Always Do Great Work

About a week ago, contractors did some repairs at my house. We've all heard the horror stories of contractors who come over, make a mess, do a shoddy job and still demand full payment. Well, not these guys. They did the work they were hired to do and also tackled areas that weren't mapped out for repairs at no additional cost. They went above and beyond and did an awesome job.

Watching them work got me thinking about what it means to be a professional who delivers excellent service. Here are 5 reasons to always do great work.

Your Reputation

Chances are you've come across or worked with someone who has a reputation for either being flaky, incompetent or both. That is not a good look. For every time you slack on a project, deadline or turn out shoddy work, remember that your reputation is at stake. Don't be known as the sloppy guy/lady who does sub-par work. 

Managers/Clients Will Love You

Excellent workers are looked upon favorably by clients and managers. Great workers are the go to employees at the office because people want to work with trustworthy and reliable professionals. Think of a time you requested a specific person/delivery service, or a client decided to work with a particular person on the team. Chances are the first interaction was pleasant and beneficial to both parties, which has led to a long-term working relationship.

Your Marketability

If you consistently deliver excellent work, you increasingly become an asset to your company/firm or business and a magnet for better opportunities. Recruiters will find you, and changing jobs will be more manageable because of your robust resume. Everyone wants to work with the best. 

Network Building and Goodwill

An upside of doing great work is you get to build a network of steady clientele, obtain their goodwill, repeat business, customer/client loyalty, and referrals. Doing good work is one reason people can move to new firms or start a business and have previous clients follow them. 

Inner Satisfaction

My personal favorite: nothing beats the thrill of knowing you absolutely hit a project out of the park. The extra hours spent on the project becomes inconsequential when you see the finished product and you know it looks great! Not only will you be happy to turn it in, you'll look for ways to show it off.

Doing great work should be a personal goal for every professional. Establish a reputation as someone who can be trusted and relied on to deliver exceptionally on projects.