How To Tweet About Your Job Search

How To Tweet About Your Job Search

It's no secret, people tweet about everything! Food, relationships, politics, school, sex (or lack there of) etc., Twitter has become a marketplace of ideas. 

An emerging trend for young Nigerian professionals is tweeting about their job search. This is a great idea, but are you doing it the right way?

Most tweets about a job search goes something like this:

I'm a recent graduate with a biochemistry degree, looking for a job. Biko RT, my employer might be on your timeline. 

From this tweet, we know two things about the candidate: 

  1. S/he has a university degree
  2. S/he is looking for a job

People will retweet because they want to be supportive of your "government". But are you getting the results you want?

A tweet like the one above will probably get you some retweets. However, if the goal is to find a job, multiple people retweeting your post is good, but not enough. 

Below are 6 tips to help you get the best out of your tweet-search.

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"Based on logistics" this is the right way to tweet about your job search...Click to tweet

Have a plan:

Posting a tweet about your search requires a plan. For an effective tweet search, consider the following:

  • When applying to a job offline, you typically have to address your application materials to someone and for a specific role. How can you replicate that on Twitter?
  • In addition to posting a general tweet, are there specific people or companies you should be tagging? If yes, write a list and look for their Twitter handles ( Research will come in handy here)
  • What roles are you interested in and are there companies on your list with openings that match your interest? If yes, which ones? ( Write a list and plan to tweet at their company handles)
  • How many times will you tweet about your search? How can you represent your qualifications and skills in multiple ways?
  • Have a follow up plan. If someone with the right profile retweets about your search, how can you engage them in a conversation?

Planning is a great way to map out your search, stay focused on your to dos and keep track of your progress.

Optimize your Twitter profile:

If you are tweeting about your search, it means that you already have a twitter account. Optimize your profile by updating your bio with relevant information that will stand out to employers. 

Example 1 (Twitter Bio): Lagbaja Wazobia - Mass Comm graduate | Intern | Interests: Social Media Management, Content Writing, Graphics Design | @Unilag alumni #HireMe. (insert link to website or LinkedIn where available)

The bio works because it contains information that employers want to know such as degree, current employment status (intern), interests (or skills), alma mater (university you graduated from), and a call to action/something they can respond to (hire me). 

Do this now: If you have a generic bio, copy and modify the bio template ( above ^) to reflect the information you want employers to have (See image examples below). 

While bios that read: Lagbaja, child of God, lover of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, swag master, the last don, don chi chi, sexy mama, one and only bae etc., are cute. If you are looking for a job, you'll gain more traction by using the bio space to highlight key information and skills.

Note: Do not add a link to your bio if it isn't functional. It makes you look unprofessional.


Be specific about desired role/job function and location:

Be clear about the types of jobs you are searching for and where you'd like to work. A tweet that says "Looking for a job, please RT," isn't effective. Are you interested in marketing, sales, IT or design?

Don't keep people and potential employers guessing. 

Example 2 (Role Specific Tweet): Recent graduate, B.A Mass Comm, searching for entry level marketing opportunities. Familiar with WordPress & Social Media. #Lagos #HireMe

An employer, HR manager or recruiter looking at that tweet knows your qualification, your professional level (entry/new graduate), the skills you bring to the table, and your location. This helps them to determine whether a conversation with you is worth their time.

When you are specific, people on your timeline know how to help you. If they know about openings at various companies, they can retweet your post to the right people.

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Tweet with an audience in mind:

There are 3 groups of people who should receive your tweet-search message.

  • Twitter-verse: Everyone on Twitter
  • A select group of professionals/twitter handles (HR managers, recruiters, job application platforms like Jobberman, Careers24, Stutern, Hot Nigerian Jobs, etc.)
  • Companies ( where would you like to work?)

Posting a tweet to your account gives you general exposure and plenty opportunities for retweets. Tweeting at specific people, especially decision makers and influencers amplifies your tweet and exposes you to an industry specific market. Finally tweeting directly at a company is a great way to get on their radar.

If the HR Manager for the company you are interested in working for is on Twitter, tweet at both the company account and the personnel Twitter handle.

Tailor your message:

Tweeting to different groups of people requires a tailored approach in your messaging. You may adopt an informal and jovial tone with your friends and the general Twitter-verse. But a formal tone is required when tweeting at company handles and personnels.

For instance, Example 2 (Role specific Tweet) above is a good template that can be used for a generic post to your timeline and also companies/HR personnels. 

A higher level tweet might go further by tweeting a more detailed thread (not more than two levels) to a company handle. 

  1. Recent graduate, B.A Mass Comm, searching for entry level marketing opportunities. Familiar with WordPress, Google Analytics & Social Media.
  2. Attached is a portfolio with my designs (insert link/PDF). Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite & business research/report writing #HireMe.

The point is, be self aware when tweeting to specific people and tailor your message to match the audience. 

Tweeting about your job search? Use these 6 tips to get the results you want...Click to tweet

Reinforce your message:

Plan to send several tweets about your search at reasonable intervals. Don't tweet and forget. Set a schedule for your tweets. E.g Tweet about your search every 4 days.

Be creative with your tweets by modifying your message. E.g.

  • Are you looking for a creative and hardworking social media assistant to manage your online presence? #HireMe
  • Need help with content creation, email marketing, campaigns and promotions. Let me take that off your plate #Jobsearching

Look for different ways to say the same thing.

Plan to engage with interesting handles that retweet your post. For every retweet, look at people's handles and read the tweet on their timelines to get a sense of what they do. If their content fits with your values, start by following them, replying to their tweets, and then slide into their DMs.

Be professional when responding to inquiries:

Tweeting about your job search invites questions and comments. Regardless of the tone of the feedback, keep your responses professional. Don't say things like "all I know is I want such and such" or "I don't care about this and that". 

Every contact with a potential employer is an opportunity to sell yourself. Your responses are also a reflection of your attitude towards customer/client care and service. 

Be polite, thoughtful and professional.

Quick recap:

Okay, if you don't remember anything you've read, here are the takeaways: Treat your tweet-search like an offline job search.

  • Plan your tweet-search
  • Set the stage by optimizing your Twitter bio
  • Be specific about the types of jobs you'd like to have
  • Tweet with an audience in mind. Free-styling won't cut it
  • Different audiences require different messaging. Tailor your message for maximum impact
  • Plan to tweet about your search multiple times. Modify each tweet to keep things fresh
  • Be courteous in your response to questions and comments

Alright, go forth and be tweet-ful (see what I did there?).

Share, comment, like, this post etc. Don't let my labor of love be in vain :).